When the center of one’s life is relocated, many areas of life will also change. While adults prepare themselves for this new situation, children really need support from their parents.

For them, a move means the loss of their familiar surroundings, a farewell to friends and a major change in their lives. Children are generally curious and therefore always open to new things. However, it is important to include them in the plans for moving, explain the reasons for the relocation to them, patiently answer all of their questions and thus take away their fear of moving and any related new developments.

If possible, go on a discovery tour. Show your children the new apartment or the new house and of course the children’s rooms before you move. You can explore the environment together and thus arouse their curiosity. Where is the playground, where are interesting sports and leisure facilities, the kindergarten or the future school?

We have experienced that the fear of losing familiar surroundings, friends and playmates can be significantly reduced with a great farewell party. Make it a big event, so that everybody who takes part will have fond memories. Take lots of photos and hand out small gifts with details of your new address.

A move is always a good opportunity to get rid of superfluous belongings. This also applies to the items that belong to children and teenagers. You could for example give old toys away to a children’s home or sell them at a flea market. A pleasant side effect: It reduces the amount of items that the packing crew has to take care of.